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May 09 14 - Life Club - Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
May 10 14 - Aquarius Rock Bar - São Paulo, SP, Brazil
May 29 14 - Out & Loud festival - Geiselwind , DE

"Born Strong"

Our root, our seed, our cause - Born strong.
From the cradle we were brought up into this world, in the middle of chaos.
Since our first breath of life, we are what we are.
With love and power to change.
With courage facing all threats.
Our bloodline is alive.
No doubts in our life.
We are what we are.
No pain - No fear.
Our root, our seed, our cause - Born strong.
All the strength in our mind, looking deep in our eyes.
Our tribe has written our laws.
Respect to be respected.
Be true to yourself.
All the gold in the world, will not get us sold.
We trust the values we've learned.
No doubts in our words.
We are true to ourselves.
No pain - No fear.
Don't you know I'm strong?
Don't you know you're wrong?
Our root, our seed, our cause - Born strong.
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