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May 09 14 - Life Club - Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
May 10 14 - Aquarius Rock Bar - São Paulo, SP, Brazil
May 29 14 - Out & Loud festival - Geiselwind , DE

"Common Bonds"

[Lyrics: Andreas Kisser;]
[Music: Andreas Kisser / Igor Cavalera / Paulo Jr.]
Before we're born
Before we walk
Before we talk and hate
Yet to come the perfect rule
After we win
After we lose
After the dawn is late
Do it now or shut your mouth
No lack of trust, just trust myself
No more perhaps, no more false step
Changes in sight, sight!
Common bonds
Fear the fate that's not the shape of the soul
Trust the heart and share to ease the pain
No mistake is big enough to bring you down
The wrinkles on your face is strength in your mind
No lack of trust, just trust myself
Changes in sight, sight!
Common bonds
The urge to win
A time to strike
Follow no one
Follow no one
Strength in mind
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