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May 09 14 - Life Club - Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
May 10 14 - Aquarius Rock Bar - São Paulo, SP, Brazil
May 29 14 - Out & Loud festival - Geiselwind , DE


You know what?
Of course I have my doubts.
It's darker times and I can't always know what's ahead.
So what are you going to do about it?
What can be done to resolve the situation?
Spit at what you don't like.
Taste the bitter reactions.
Forcefeed the weight of the progress.
Lead by the will of your might.
You can't block out the sun.
Won't block out the sun - No!
It feels like everyone's eyes are on you.
I can't be the enemy of myself.
Everyone gets knocked down at some point in life,
but it's how you deal with it to get back up.
I can't live without nothing.
Must have guidance and focus.
Cast out all the suffering.
Hope thrives only when active.
You can't block out the sun.
Won't block out the sun - No!
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