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May 09 14 - Life Club - Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
May 10 14 - Aquarius Rock Bar - São Paulo, SP, Brazil
May 29 14 - Out & Loud festival - Geiselwind , DE


Screaming, aging, crawling closer to dying
Savage, struggle, scrape the bottom of life
Stinging, burning, blind with rage falling deeper
Seething, evil, kills the mind of the people
Screams are deaf to my ears
Blind to see the errors of my way
Never feel the odds are against me - found my way
Kill the urge of depression – found my way
Use my strength to recover – found my way
Walk the path of resistance – found my way
Grasping, dragging, life strangles your demons
Breathing, clearer, understanding is closer
Shifting, changing, found a way no more bleeding
Forward, marching, filled a hole that was missing
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